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Our Development

We are working with other supplier assurance schemes to make long term improvements.

The vision is to create a single supplier assurance governance body, possibly by the merging the RISQS Board with the Board for our sister scheme, RISAS, the Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (although we are at very early stages).

The vision embraces:

  • Unified supplier assurance and management arrangements for GB rail, where the key stakeholders define the capability and competence standards for suppliers of goods and services
  • Risk-based assurance arrangements, defined for every commodity procured thereby creating clarity amongst the buyer and supplier communities as to what level of assurance is relevant and required
  • Core information about each supplier collected 'once', minimising duplication and reducing costs
  • Monitored supplier performance and feedback processes in place to improve outcomes and develop mutually beneficial trading partnerships, thus encouraging continuous improvement by suppliers and enabling greater innovation
  • Supplier assurance co-ordinators, nominated by the buyer and supplier communities to ensure alignment of interests and objectives
  • A single central repository of information established for all stakeholders to access the information they need
  • Easier entry for suppliers new to the GB rail sector

This will also secure the following benefits:

  • A reduction in total costs
  • A single GB rail entry point for suppliers
  • Simplification of processes
  • Elimination of duplication
  • Easier to trade with GB rail for new suppliers, including SMEs
  • Benchmarking of supplier performance
  • Enabled product and service quality improvement

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