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Buying - How RISQS Helps

RISQS is a supplier qualification scheme - that means we allow buyers to apply predetermined qualification criteria to a large number of suppliers that may 'express an interest'.

We currently have over 4,300 suppliers registered with RISQS.

RISQS helps buyers to manage risk, save time and money, and generate assurance via an independent audit of over 2000 suppliers.

This means that you can quickly and efficiently find suppliers who are the right size, with the right capability and competence, to meet your particular need.

By doing this buyers such as train operating companies or infrastructure managers benefit from a list of suppliers from which a tender selection process can begin. This saves you time and resources in the pre-tender qualification of suppliers.

You may also find benefit in using RISQS to help you comply with the Utilities Contract Regulations. Our platform helps suppliers register an 'expression of interest' in supplying particular products or services through the scheme avoiding a separate notice in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

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