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Our Objectives

The GB rail industry has continued to seek improvements in supplier assurance, both in terms of the systems and the criteria that establish competency.

As a result, RISQS is transitioning from its current status as a concession to service provision under two contracts; one for IT, verification and management services, awarded to Altius VA Ltd, and the other for audit services, awarded to Capita plc.

RSSB will evolve the RISQS system by delivering enhanced benefits for all members including:

- Introducing a new easy to use platform with more functionality to replace the current IT system

- Responding more quickly to changes in industry requirements

- Providing the ability to integrate with buyer systems

- Introducing the ability to access data in the scheme for industry learning

- Improving cost effectiveness to make RISQS fairer, more transparent and provide better value for money

- Working with RSG (Rail Supply Group), RDG (Rail Delivery Group) and other key industry bodies to identify ways RISQS could be a platform to promote UK rail expertise post-Brexit.

Work with Altius and Capita is progressing well to prepare for the transition before the new arrangements begin in May 2018. A full RSSB mobilisation team is in place, working closely with the providers to ensure the benefits are realised for scheme members, and already improvements are being introduced. 

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