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Our Objectives

We aim to:

  • Become a universal accreditation mechanism for all suppliers carrying out work on any GB rail infrastructure
  • Give assurance to a level where other interventions are significantly reduced
  • Provide differentiation between suppliers indicating those that are "just good enough" up to "outstanding"
  • Enable the best suppliers to gain advantage, driving improvement throughout the supply chain

We want RISQS to become a universal accreditation mechanism for all suppliers carrying out work on any UK rail infrastructure, helping to provide differentiation between suppliers, as well as profile qualified companies' standard of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Specific objectives are:

  1. Move the questionnaire onto a new platform ensuring this complies with the ambitions of the scheme and enhances the supplier and buyer user experience
  2. As part of "1" revamp the questionnaire, and allow suppliers to complete PAS 91 and  PAS 7000 questionnaire
  3. Base level questionnaire - zero cost - encourage in all rail suppliers
  4. Full questionnaire for suppliers that import some risk
  5. Pre audit questionnaire to assist in making the audits more professional and less "tick-box"
  6. Develop a maturity model for use with the health and safety part of the audit and leading to better supplier differentiation
  7. Introduce other dimensions of assurance into both questionnaire and audit in particular on sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  8. Complete the work carried out to improve technical assurance for welding
  9. Develop communications to both inform industry of the ongoing developments to the scheme as well as encouraging feedback and involvement from both buyers and suppliers
  10. Create a "how do I get into rail supply" interactive guide
  11. Ensure that robust governance of the scheme is maintained and developed

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