Infrastructure Maintenance, Renewal & Incident Machines

RICCL CODE: Product: Serial No:
E.H.1 Infrastructure Maintenance, Renewal & Incident Machines 02011
This product group may also be known as:
These are the nearest equivalent codes in some GB railway supplier schemes:
16.06.01 None S4

Relevant product Phase Risk Level Existing Requirements
M-Manufacture TBA V
N-Provide Service (SER) - -
P-Supply (SMP) TBA V
Q-Design (DES) TBA V
R-Operate (OPT) TBA V
S-Construction - -
T-Commission (TCD*) TBA V
U-Dispose (RAD) TBA V
V-Maintain (MRC) TBA V
W-Overhaul (REF) TBA V
X-Install (CBD*) - -
Y-Modify (CBD*) TBA V
Z-Decommission (TCD*) - -

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