Anti Climbers

RICCL CODE: Product: Serial No:
E.K. Anti Climbers 02116
This product group may also be known as: All telecommunication services not directly in support of the Operational Railway or subject to trackside regulation and audit. These include all fixed and mobile voice services, inbound and outbound voice minutes, auido and video conferencing, mobile voi
These are the nearest equivalent codes in some GB railway supplier schemes:
None S01E

Relevant product Phase Risk Level Existing Requirements
M-Manufacture TBA V
N-Provide Service (SER) -
P-Supply (SMP) TBA V
Q-Design (DES) TBA V
R-Operate (OPT) -
S-Construction - -
T-Commission (TCD*) -
U-Dispose (RAD) -
V-Maintain (MRC) TBA V
W-Overhaul (REF) TBA V
X-Install (CBD*) TBA V
Y-Modify (CBD*) TBA V
Z-Decommission (TCD*) - -

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