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Explanation of RICCL


RICCL stands for Railway Industry Commodity Classification List. RICCL is a flexible list that contains all of the commodities (equipment, materials and services) that are purchased for the railway. RICCL is one of the basic building blocks for the Supplier Assurance Framework (SAF).

The scheme will provide harmonised supplier assurance arrangements that are simpler, more effective and more efficient than those that exist now. Supplier assurance refers to the confidence that buyers and suppliers have in each other when working together to manage risk. Part of that confidence results from using a common vocabulary to describe the materials and services that are purchased.

RICCL is the first part of a comprehensive data hub which will include details of potential suppliers, recommended minimum assurance arrangements and technical information.

To see the full list of RICCL codes click here

How is it structured?

The Structure of RICCL uses the principles of International Standard RICCL follows the conventional division of the railway into seven "sub-systems" as shown below (A to G). This is consistent throughout UK and Europe. The eighth heading is not really a 'sub-system' but is for commodities that are purchased in large quantities for the railway but are also in general use throughout industry and commerce.

How do I find my Commodity?

RICCL is based on a series of parent-child relationships. This is an important concept upon which the whole product classification structure hangs. When looking for a commodity, the question 'What is this a part of?' should logically lead to the correct position. A search function is to be added shortly.

Each of the sub-systems contains many products and services which can be explored on line. The following two screenshots illustrate how the 'Rail Vehicle – Brake Components' can be found.

When searching for a commodity within RICCL ask yourself "What is it a part of?"

If the category for a particular item or service appears to be unclear, email riccl@risqs.org for assistance.

My commodity is not yet in RICCL

If the commodity is new or has been overlooked it is easy to propose an additional category. Please email your proposal to the site administrator at riccl@risqs.org who has been nominated as the change co-ordinator. After approval the change will be published.

Further Information

For more information about Riccl and how to use it, these documents have been added for you to see and download.

An introduction to RICCL

Plain English Guide to RICCL

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