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Filling out your questionnaire: SWP and Sentinel

We are seeing some confusion amongst suppliers when answering the infrastructure questions in their RISQS questionnaire, specifically around Sentinel and Safe Work Planning.

· Suppliers who answer that they need to sponsor staff on Sentinel for trackside workIf you sponsor staff to work on track you and they need to hold safety-critical competences such as Personal Track Safety (PTS), you will need to select the option for Sentinel Sponsor and then select trackside; this will then trigger the Sentinel module to be added to your audit.

· Suppliers who sponsor staff and plan for their protection from the operational railway using rail-specific planning processes to comply with the infrastructure managers requirements such as NR/L2/OHS/019If you select the infrastructure requirement for Safe Work Planning (SWP), formerly known as Rail Interface Planning Scheme (RIPS) to show that you plan for the protection of staff from the operational railway and have competent planners within Sentinel, this will trigger the SWP module to be added to your audit. Please check your profile to make sure it is correct. 

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