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Scheme Governance and Management

Governance of the scheme is provided through RSSB by the RISQS Committee, comprising representatives from across the rail industry:

  • Alasdair Reisner, CECA (Independent Chair)
  • Andy Hughes, Angel Trains
  • David Andrews, Transport for London
  • David Clarke, Railway Industry Association
  • Johnny Schute, RSSB
  • Neil Ovenden, ATOC
  • David Andrews, TfL
  • Damon Snell, RSSB
  • Clive Berrington / Ken Blackley, Network Rail Procurement
  • Cajetan Chukwulozie, Network Rail Assurance
  • Gareth Morris (Chair) / Mike Healey (Vice Chair) Infrastructure Consultation Group
  • Paula Owen (Chair) T&RS Consultation Group
  • Martyn Durrant (Chair) / Paul Clunn (Vice Chair) Supplier Consultation Group
  • Gillian Scott, RISQS Scheme Management Organisation

The RISQS Committee reports into the RSSB Board. Our processes and policies are published in the scheme documents.

RSSB supports rail in the areas of safety, standards, knowledge, innovation and a wide range of cross-industry schemes - including supplier assurance.

This means RISQS is 'by the rail industry, for the rail industry', and is run entirely to support the railway and its supply chain. RSSB is part of the industry, non-profit-making and independent of any single commercial interest.

For and on behalf of the RISQS Committee, RSSB provides oversight, coordination and day-to-day management of the scheme. A team of dedicated RSSB specialists provide the necessary industry interfaces, service provider delivery and coordination, and the ongoing system improvements.

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