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Network Rail’s SQS complements RISQS

For clarity, RISQS and Network Rail’s new SQS – its proprietary Technology Supplier Qualification Service - provide complementary supplier assurance and are not competitors.

Network Rail recently told contractors that “…RISQS will continue to operate as its qualification system for all auditable and non-technology related categories. Auditable categories are defined as those for which companies are required to have an audit undertaken of their company’s health, safety, environment and quality capabilities based on the level of risk associated with the product code and the requirements set by the RISQS community. The level of risk assigned to each code is dependent on the business impact that the product or service has to RISQS members. In the event that a procurement under the SQS contained requirements associated with an auditable category, Network Rail will still require assurance of the suppliers’ associated RISQS status. These systems are not competitive systems and are complementary to each other.”

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