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Amanda Bate: Vice Chair of the RISQS Supplier Consultation Group

RISQS profile: Amanda Bate, Group Head of Compliance for Fusion People Ltd, Vice Chair of the RISQS Supplier Consultation Group.

Amanda has spent over fifteen and a half years in industry, first starting as an Administration Manager with Prima Services Group Ltd. She started working within Fusion People Rail when her organisation was first bought by Fusion People and worked within their compliance team.

Since being at Fusion People, she has since developed and progressed to her current position as Group Head of Compliance. Her current role includes looking after all the compliance, health and safety, undertaking internal audits and she also sits in on all audits including RSSB RISQS audits for Fusion People.

As part of Fusion People’s continuous development, the organisation has gained certification in ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 along with a few industry specific certificates. Spearheading the way in industry is key for Amanda and Fusion People, as through this they can continue to set the standard for what a good supplier looks like.

Amanda volunteered to be a member of the RISQS Supplier Consultation Group as she wanted to get involved in directing how the scheme assists suppliers. The future of the scheme is paramount to industry and ensuring that not only buyers, but also supplier members get the best from the scheme and that the scheme works for their organisational needs is important to the future of RISQS.

The Supplier Consultation group allows suppliers to have input in the continuous development of the scheme – this ensures that suppliers are getting a scheme that works for them and that their concerns are being heard and addressed in both an efficient and timely manner.

When the supplier consultation group first started - Amanda was voted in. After the last Vice Chair left the position, Amanda wanted to get more involved and hoped to bring ideas and suggestions from suppliers to the groups and Committee and assist in the ongoing improvement of the scheme and so volunteered herself to lead the way on championing more engagement from suppliers and becoming the voice of the supplier at meetings.

“The Suppliers within the scheme have a vast number of years’ experience and it would be good to get their ideas on developing the scheme. We can also get ideas from other schemes to develop the RISQS scheme further.” – Amanda Bate

Since RSSB has taken over, there have been great improvements to the platform and the information we supply to the buyers. The latest introduction - benchmarking will help to ensure that those suppliers who seek to go above and beyond in their level of compliance and safety are correctly identified and are made visible to buyers on the scheme.

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