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It's all change with audits

In line with the requirements of NR/L2/SCO/302 RISQS has changed its protocols, Scheme Rules and Terms and Conditions

We have amended all the protocols but the most significant change is with the Industry Minimum Requirements now being split into a CORE audit and a CDM audit.

Only organisations who have selected auditable codes with the following activities – ‘Construct, Install, maintain, commission, design, Modify and decommission’ will be required to undergo the CDM audit module.

The Terms and conditions have been updated to align to the latest requirements for GDPR and to incorporate the requirement of the standard that suppliers must be able to demonstrate at audit “their ability to meet the requirements of this standard without the consultant present”

All updated documents can be found in the Scheme Info tab - Scheme Documents 

We have updated the Supplier FAQs with some recent questions and their answers

RISQS-GD-005 Supplier FAQs v6.pdf

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