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Principal Contractor Licence Launch

At the behest of Network Rail, the RISQS team are pleased to announce the launch of the Principal Contractor License (PCL) module.

The Principal Contractor Licence was developed in conjunction with Network Rail and will involve the RISQS team taking on responsibility for conducting an audit on a supplier's management system required for holding a Principal Contractors License.

This will involve a series of questions to confirms the required systems are in place before Network Rail check delivery by conducting the onsite visits.

Initially we will be running this audit as a pilot to test the audit flow and quality assurance before this audit is made available to other buyers within RISQS. This extension will help the railway industry achieve pan efficiencies wherever possible.

We have already had a steady stream of enquiries from Tier 1 contractors to book onto the audit. If you are yet to do so, please contact to arrange your audit.

Commenting on the announcement, Phil Smith, RISQS Manager said:

‘The work we’ve done with Network Rail regarding the Principal Contractor Licence is just one part of our 2023 vision to introduce new channels that lower entry barriers and improve supply chain efficiencies across the railway network. This work will continue at pace during the remainder of the year and into Control Period 7.’


If you are not a Principal Contractor under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 then you are exempt from this audit.

Any Buyers wishing to discuss using the PCL audit for their Supply Chain please contact Phil Smith via

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