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RISQS Newsletter - March 2021

Free training for SME’s

HS2, Highways England, Network Rail and Transport for London are encouraging SMEs to register for free training courses, to help improve their prospects of meeting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion supply chain requirements and help them secure future contract opportunities. Visit the HS2 website to for information here: Free training to help UK businesses secure rail and road construction contracts (


From station safety to health and safety – Rail Safety Review #48

In Rail Safety Review #48, Kevin Thompson continues his health and wellbeing series with a look at shock, trauma and the need for compassion.

…each incident is different, and everyone responds differently. We don’t know what someone is going through, we don’t know how an event has affected them, we can only guess. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say, and we may end up saying nothing at all. The most important thing is that we show compassion. We must be sensitive to what they have been through, and give them space and time, offering the support we have available to us. Your time is the most precious thing you can offer someone.

Please follow this link to access the Rail Safety  Review:


New Chair and Vice Chair for the Supplier Consultation Group

The RISQS team are happy to announce the appointment of a new Chair and Vice Chair for the Supplier Consultation Group. Amanda Bate, of Fusion People has now been appointed the New Chair of the Supplier Consultation Group. She will replace Martin Durrant from Bridgeway Consultants. Gemma Newby of NPI, has been appointed Vice Chair of the Group.

To find out more visit our website here:

Gemma Newby
Gemma Newby of MPI, Vice-Chair of Supplier Consultation Group.
Amanda Bate
Amanda Bate of Fusion People, Chair of Supplier Consultation Group.

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