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UPDATE: Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on RISQS + FAQS


Like many other organisations we recognise that the outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is having an impact on day-to-day life, and this includes the way the RISQS scheme will work in the coming weeks.

Our priority is to ensure our staff stay safe and healthy but also to continue to provide the services you need from our teams.

The portal remains available 24/7 for users searching for suppliers and for companies to update their profiles.

Audits will still take place as scheduled, but this will be remote auditing using on-line communication such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp. Your audit will cover all aspects of the protocols and will be carried out as per the required timeframe.

You will need to prepare so that all the evidence normally provided during the audit, can be displayed electronically or made available for the auditor. You will be contacted in advance to agree the on-line communication method and to help you prepare. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at or telephone 0800 4101 300.



 My organisation is due for an audit, however myself or someone on my team has been diagnosed with COVID-19 - is there possibility for an extension?

In the event of COVID-19 diagnosis in your office, or possible office closure, we will conduct the audit remotely. We will only extend the validity of the last audit on a case by case basis.

 I do not have COVID-19, however I’m currently working from home due to self-isolation and/or being in a high-risk group. What are my organisation’s options?

If either a supplier or an auditor is known to have a close contact who is in self-isolation, then that audit will take place remotely.

 I do not have Skype, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp for remote auditing, what can I do?

These online communication tools can be easily downloaded, discuss with your auditor what your preferred web service is and they will work with you to make the audit run smoothly.

 What if there are other staff member who join the audit, they are also in self-isolation / remote working?

You can share the remote meeting invite with all the relevant people within your business, a schedule of times can be agreed for them to join the remote audit, the same way you would request they join the audit in a physical meeting room. Most online platforms allows you to share or change the presenter, so they can demonstrate evidence as well as you.

 What information do I need to prepare for the audit?

Please review the protocols via the RISQS website and familiarise yourself with the questions and guidance on the evidence which will be required. However, any / all evidence that would usually be required to provide at the audit, needs to be scanned and made electronically available to the auditor.

 What if I cannot provide all the evidence online?

The audit will follow the normal process outlined in 2.13 of the RISQS scheme rules for closing NCRs, should there be certain lines of evidence not available on the day, discuss these with your auditor as they have been given guidance on how to document this within your audit report.

 What if I cancel my audit?

Cancellation of an audit is covered within section 2.8 of the scheme rules. The scheme rules are available on the RISQS website

 What if my Consultant cannot make themselves available to join on-line?

The RISQS audit is to confirm the organisations capability and therefore the audit will still go ahead.

I do not have all my random D&A testing what should I do?

The auditors have been given guidance to adopt a reasonable approach which we have listed below:

  • If suppliers have more than 75% of the required number, an observation will be made in the audit report, with reference to the current situation. 
  • If suppliers have more than 50% of the number required, a minor non-compliance will be raised, this will then be reviewed next year to confirm %
  • If suppliers have less than 50% of the number required, a major NCR will be raised, acknowledging the supplier will not be able to close out within the usual 5 days. RISQS will process the audit report and leave non-compliances ‘live’, with a follow-up request for evidence once the current situation changes.


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