RISQS Appoints New Scheme Manager

Gillian Scott, Network Rail Assurance Manager for Principal Contractor Licensing, is to become the new RISQS Scheme Manager on October15.

Gillian, who worked closely with the scheme through the transition to RSSB RISQS, takes over from Richard Sharp, who will remain for a handover period and will continue to advise the scheme.

“Following 12 years with Network Rail, the last six leading the Principal Contractor Licensing team, I am extremely delighted to be joining RSSB as the RISQS Scheme Manager,” said Gillian.

“I would like to thank Richard Sharp for the amazing job he has done leading the scheme to the current enhanced delivery arrangements, including procurement of the new platform and auditing team, which will deliver more efficient assurance for the industry now and in the future. Richard worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition of suppliers and buyers onto the new enhanced platform.

“I am delighted with the opportunity to work with the whole industry to share my passion about supplier assurance and to further develop RISQS. I look forward to meeting and working with members on the various working groups so that we have a joined-up approach to delivering buyer and supplier requirements.”

Interim RSSB Head of Supplier Assurance Damon Snell said: “Richard has been fundamental to the scheme for many years and instrumental in the successful transition to RSSB RISQS and we would like to thank him for his huge contribution to delivering the scheme the industry wanted.

“Gillian has the background to be an excellent scheme manager, is known by many of our members through her current role and is already familiar with RISQS, and we look forward to helping her continue to develop the scheme for the benefit of the industry.”

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