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Scheme Documents

Scheme governance documents:

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Guidance Documents

Product and Service Codes Guide .

New Protocols for audits after 6th September 2020

RISQS-GD-004 - Guidance on Audit Calculation v3.pdf

RISQS-AP-002 Sentinel Rev 03.pdf

RISQS-AP-003 SWP Rev 03.pdf

RISQS-AP-004 On-Track Plant Operations Scheme (POS).pdf

RISQS-AP-027 NonTrackside Sentinel Rev 01.pdf

RISQS-AP-006 (MED) Rev 03.pdf

RISQS-AP-007 (DRU) Rev 03.pdf

RISQS-AP-017 CORE Rev 01.1.pdf

RISQS-AP-018 On-Track Plant Rev 01.pdf

RISQS-AP-019 CDM Rev 01.pdf

Scheme Terms & Conditions

RISQS-SD-003 - RISQS Supplier T&Cs Rev04.pdf

RISQS-SD-0 - RISQS Supplier Patron T&Cs Rev01


RISQS-SD-005 - RISQS Buyer T&Cs Rev04.pdf

Scheme Documentation

RISQS-SD-001 Auditor Code of Conduct Rev 04.pdf

RISQS-SD-002 Scheme Rules Rev 05 Final.pdf

RISQS-SD-006 Supplier Quick Start Guide

RISQS-SD-007 Buyer Quick Start Guide

Scheme Governance Documents

RISQS-SG-001 Principles of the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme_v2.0.pdf

RISQS-SG-002 Governance Arrangements_v2.0.pdf

RISQS-SG-003 Operation and Management_v2.0.pdf

RISQS-SG-008 Appeal Form Form - v1.0.pdf

RISQS-SG-008 Complaints Form -v1.pdf

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our scheme documents or governance.

Scheme Policies

RISQS-POL-001 Confidentiality Policy v1.pdf

RISQS-POL-002 Impartiality Policy v2.pdf


RISQS-TEMP-001 RICCL change request template

Network Rail Modules

Core Module

CDM Module

Sentinel Module

SWP Module

OTP Module

For more information about Riccl and how to use it, these documents have been added for you to see and download.

An introduction to RICCL
Plain English Guide to RICCL

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