RISQS Annual Conference

Annual RISQS Conference – how did it go?

450 delegates attended the Annual RISQS Conference on 28 March at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

A big thank you to everyone who attended to make the event such a huge success – we hope you got a lot out of the day.

The conference – chaired by RSSB’s head of supplier assurance Damon Snell - featured presentations from key industry leaders in the fields of procurement and safety, and major buyers, who outlined their view of the contracting landscape in CP6.  There was also an update on enhancements to the scheme, and price reductions were announced.

Evolving RISQS in CP6 – RSSB CEO Mark Phillips opened the event to set the scene for CP6 and talk about how the scheme has improved under RSSB’s stewardship. Mark announced price reductions and future improvements that RSSB wanted to develop into the scheme to benefit the rail supply chain.

RISQS, the journey and future development – RISQS scheme manager, Gillian Scott then went into more detail about how the scheme has performed since the transition into the new arrangements in May 2018, both the key successes and those areas where potential improvements have been identified.  Gillian also laid out the details of the price reductions to take effect in May 2019.

Supplier Assurance in the Digital Railway - Philip Bennett, Commercial Director for the Digital Railway programme outlined the approach taken to procurement and emphasised the role RISQS plays as a credible, efficient and effective means of deriving supplier assurance.

Driving safety through the contracting process and supply chain - Ian Prosser CBE, HM Chief Inspector of Railways at the ORR, gave the regulator’s perspective.  Ian talked about the need to manage the risk of the complete system, including the supply chain – and the role RISQS plays in assuring safety, designing the human interaction and safety into all we do.

CP6 landscape from a J Murphy and Sons perspective – A buyer perspective of CP6 was given by Jason Chadwick, Head of Procurement at J Murphy and Sons Ltd. Jason covered the benefits that his company sees and experiences in RISQS and their approach to successful tendering.

CP6 landscape from a TfL perspective – An infrastructure manager’s perspective of CP6 was provided by Paul KiteleySenior Procurement Manager at TfL.  Paul explained why TfL uses RISQS and outlined some of TfL’s key procurement activity planned for CP6.

CP6 landscape from a Network Rail perspective – Another key infrastructure manager’s perspective was given by Network Rail’s Ken Blackley, on behalf of his colleague Clive Berrington, Contracts & Procurement Director.  Ken talked about how Network Rail was changing and outlined some of their key procurement activity in CP6.

H&S expert – supplier assurance to achieve ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day – The last presentation was given by Network Rail’s Head of Corporate, Passenger and Public Safety, Allan Spence.  Allan focussed on the safety philosophy that underpins supplier assurance’s purpose and how RISQS should form part of the industry’s risk management conscience.

Please find below links to the presentations.

Evolving RISQS in CP6
Mark Phillips
RSSB, the journey and future development
Gillian Scott
Supplier Assurance in the Digital Railway
Phil Bennett
Driving safety through the contracting process & supply chain
Ian Prosser
CP6 landscape from a J Murphy and Sons Ltd perspective
Jason Chadwick
The CP6 landscape from a Transport for London perspective
Paul Kiteley
CP6 landscape from an NR perspective
Ken Blackley
H&S expert – supplier assurance to achieve ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day’
Allan Spence

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