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Supplying - Overview

If you are supplying or wish to supply products and services to the rail industry in Britain, you are likely to be using RISQS. You can use it to register and qualify your organisation and make yourself visible as a potential supplier to the rail sector, saving time and reducing duplication of assurance processes. RSSB RISQS helps you as a supplier assure your buyers that you are managing risk effectively.

Buyers will already be using RSSB RISQS to look for suppliers like you; they can search for companies based on their products, services, skills, size and location, and their credentials in delivering safety and quality.

Once qualified, suppliers can register an 'expression of interest' in supplying particular products or services through RSSB RISQS. By doing this buyers such as train operating companies or infrastructure managers benefit from a list of suppliers from which a tender selection process can begin.

Two elements of securing assurance through RISQS are Registration and Qualification:

  • Registration enables the supplier to make themselves known to a buyer and initiates an interest to supply. Information required will generally be company details and information on their products. Little supplier assurance will be derived from registration, but for very low risk products and services, this may well be proportionate to the risk imported from suppliers.

  • Qualification helps a customer build on the initial registration to derive more assurance. This might involve an 'assessment' of the supplier to ensure that the product is appropriate and that the supplier's company is one that meets the pre-determined criteria for 'approved supplier' listing. Part of the qualification process may be applied via one of the industry schemes on behalf of the buyer and may include an evaluation of questionnaire answers and, in some cases, an audit. It may even involve documenting the qualification via a certificate. However, this further qualification activity should not be confused with the certification process, which goes beyond this.

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