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System Enhancements Continue

We are continuing to assess current operations and planning for improvements to the scheme in its second year.  One enhancement the we are working on is to replace the scheme’s “five-star rating” feature with a fairer system that better differentiates the maturity of suppliers. 

Because of this change to the present system, which currently provides five-star organisations with reduced audit requirements every other year, such reductions will cease to operate in August 2019.

Fist working group was held on 6-Apr-19, principles were agreed and stage 1 is underway

Stage 1 - Benchmarking - using existing information within the platform questionnaire

  • our target is to have a draft for review at the next meeting w/c 10-June-19

Stage 2 - Benchmarking - adding in any additional questions or levels 

Stage 3 - Maturity - levels of maturity within the audit questions  

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