RISAS has been designed by the railway industry to ensure that duty holders and other major customers, such as ROSCOs, are able to rely upon common independent audits delivered by the RSSB. This was instituted following recommendations contained in the Cullen report, particularly Cullen 24. RISAS is consistent with international accreditation and conformance certification requirements.

The aim of RISAS is to provide economies of scale to the railway industry by reducing duplication in the auditing and assessment of suppliers of critical goods and services for the overhaul of assets and components. It sets out to ensure that suppliers of critical products to the railway industry have the appropriate systems, processes, competence, resources, facilities, and procedures to supply to the UK railway market.



Upon scheme recognition it allows suppliers to be recognised as best in class at delivering the most challenging and high-risk products and services.

Bespoke offering

Currently, the Scheme assesses critical products and services related to rolling stock assets and components; however, with the availability of competent expertise within the RSSB from every area of the railway industry, we can tailor the assessment criteria to your business needs.

Therefore, should you have a particular high-risk product or service that you want dedicated delivery process assurances on then we can build this for you, deliver the assessment and manage the ongoing assessment programme.

To discuss RISAS please contact risas.admin@rssb.co.uk