RISQS is what assurance looks like

Rail buyers need to find the right suppliers, with the right capabilities, at the right time. RISQS helps you do this.

Find the suppliers you need, fast 

Search by product or service, using terms standardised across the industry for consistent responses. Reduce risk, with the confidence of knowing all RISQS suppliers are assured to deliver to your requirements.

Create a shortlist of contractors by registration and qualification status and applying project-specific search criteria; ask individual suppliers questions through our platform. 

Manage supply chain risk 

Get assurance that’s been verified by an independent industry scheme, freeing you to focus on higher risk assurance activities. 

One simple, smarter platform 

The RISQS portal is your gateway to a list of suppliers with proven credentials, capabilities and delivery. Whether you’re seeking new suppliers, monitoring existing ones, or even posting projects for expressions of interest, our platform puts everything at your fingertips. 

Reduce duplication 

To be listed on the RISQS platform, all suppliers must confirm their capabilities. This includes a RISQS audit where necessary, which provides independent verification of the systems and resources required for vital safety and performance requirements.

Demonstrate compliance 

You can use the RISQS platform to demonstrate compliance with UK and EU procurement regulations. In some cases it can also cover health and safety law and the Utilities Contract Regulations. 

Raise the bar for your suppliers 

Our benchmarking tool allows suppliers to identify potential areas for improvement compared to their peers, increasing the calibre available to you. 


To register as a RISQS buyer please email info@risqs.org to request to set up an account.

Or if you’d like to get to know us better, our buyer brochure has more on the benefits of RISQS, how the scheme works, membership costs, and what you’ll get. You can download this as a pdf below: 

New buyers brochure