RISQS is what access looks like

Rail suppliers need to be visible to buyers and demonstrate the right capabilities. RISQS helps put you, and your verified capabilities, in front of the industry’s biggest buyers.

Be verified and visible

Buyers use the RISQS platform to look for suppliers like you; they can search by product, service, skills, size and location, as well as safety and quality credentials, using terms standardised across the industry. When you register with RISQS we’ll verify that you can provide the products and services you offer. Buyers can even ask you questions through our platform.

Demonstrate your capability

RISQS is a badge of quality and a way to confirm you’ve passed independent assessment. Putting you in front of 90+ buyers, it gives you the best chance to win the work you want.

Avoid duplication of audits

Being assessed by a RISQS Audit means independent verification your buyers can trust. This will reduce or even eliminate the need for your buyers to request or conduct their own audits.

One simple, smarter platform

The RISQS portal is a simple way to prove your credentials, capabilities and delivery. You can update your company details, benchmark your capabilities against your peers, or register an expression of interest in particular projects – we put everything at your fingertips.

Benchmark your performance

Our benchmarking tool allows you to easily compare yourself to your peers, giving you the option to focus on areas for improvement. Make yourself more attractive to buyers.


Register now


We’ll need contact details, basic company information, and the relevant product and service codes. You’ll complete the full registration questionnaire in the next stage

Or if you’d like to get to know us better, our supplier brochure has more on the benefits of RISQS, how the scheme works, membership costs, and what you’ll get. If you’d like to more about our auditing process, you can download a separate brochure.

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