We do this by reducing supply chain risk: ensuring businesses have the capabilities they claim, and the processes to apply their capabilities safely.

We’re here to ensure that everyone knows what they’re meant to do and how to do it: this is the driving force behind our expanding portfolio of supplier assurance schemes.

We achieve this by understanding the industry we serve. All our profits are reinvested into the rail industry – and we don’t rely on any single commercial interest.


The RISQS Committee includes representatives from across the rail industry:

  • Alasdair Reisner, CECA (Independent Chair)
  • Lee Rudderham / Alex Davidson, Transport for London / London Underground
  • Clive Berrington / Ken Blackley, Network Rail Procurement
  • Liz Chiariello, Network Rail Assurance
  • Gareth Morris (Chair) / Mike Healey (Vice Chair), Buyer Consultation Group
  • Amanda Bate (Chair) / Gemma Newby (Vice Chair), Supplier Consultation Group
  • Sarah Jane Waith / Aled Huish, Transport for Wales
  • Dave Bevan, Network Rail (High Speed)
  • Neil Ovenden, Rail Delivery Group
  • David Clarke, Railway Industry Association
  • Tony Howard, Director of Assurance, RSSB 

A team of dedicated specialists provide day-to-day industry interfaces, service provider coordination, and ongoing system improvements. 

Scheme documents

RISQS processes and policies