This will be a stage-by-stage managed process to help ensure all compliant suppliers, either currently in the scheme or those who join the scheme, remain visible to scheme buyers. 

We have outlined below 5 Stages which require your attention in order to ensure that the transition is smooth for all parties. We will send regular updates and develop documentation to support each Stage. An FAQ page has been set up on the website which will be updated on a regular basis with answers to your queries.

Stage 1: July 1st – July 23rd

Supplier Profiles

From July 1st, all suppliers are required to check and verify their profiles are correct while we manage the transition from old portal to new portal. It would be beneficial for you to download a copy of your RICCL codes. To download your RICCL codes, log in to the portal, click ‘Your Products and Services’ in the left-hand menu, and find the black button labelled ‘Export to Excel.’ Clicking this button will download a CSV file containing your RICCL codes.

Changes must be made by 23rd July. 

Please do not change your RICCL codes via the portal after this date. If you need to make any changes to RICCL codes after 23rd July please submit a request via this link. Should you do so, we cannot guarantee they will appear in the new portal and so you risk creating a non-compliance or lose Sentinel.

If you need to make an amendment to your RICCL, please notify us via this link.

If you are a new supplier wishing to join the RISQS scheme, please notify us via this link and we will advise on the best course of action. You can also use the same link if you have additional questions that are not covered within the FAQ page. 

What’s next?

The following Stages provide an outline of the next steps and how we are going to approach them. Further updates will be provided as we get closer to each of them.

Stage 2: July 24th – August 15th 


We will undergo the data transfer process from July 24th to August 13th. Please do not make any changes to profiles or RICCL codes during this timeline as we cannot guarantee changes will transfer to the new portal. 

If you need to make an urgent change, please notify us via this link and we will advise on the best course of action. 

If you have any requirements due on the portal between July 24th and August 15th, please review them in the portal before this time and submit them by July 24th to ensure ongoing compliance beyond the transition date. 

The current portal will go offline at 5pm, August 9th. No access will be available. 

The new portal will then switch on at 8am, August 15th at the latest, if it is earlier we will let you know by later communications.  

We have a back-up plan in case any technical difficulties arise. This will see us revert to the old portal for the time being. We will then re-issue a new timeline and guidance notes. 

Stage 3: August 15th – September 4th

Verification of Details 

Suppliers need to verify all the information is correct in the new portal and they have the correct Profile and RICCL codes.  

The deadline to verify is September 4th. 

Stage 4: 19th September – 14th October 

Preparing for the new Procurement Act

 RISQS is a Qualification System under the Utilities Contract Regulations 2016 – Regulation 77 and will become a ‘(Qualifying Utilities) Dynamic Market’ under the new Regulation 21, 22 & 25 or in the Act 34 to 40.

The Qualifying Utilities Dynamic Market (QUDM) when used by a Contracting Authority or Utility (CAU) permits the CAU to avoid a call on FaTS when making a call for competition and can use the Dynamic Market directly:

  • The Utility must have stated that it will use a QUDM and which one
  • The Utility must check that the company is also on the ‘Central Register’
  • The entity must be a Utility to avoid the further call on FaTS.

Qualification Systems & soon (Qualified Utilities) Dynamic Markets are allowed to have 'qualification requirements' to become Members of that scheme.

Some buyers have already identified RISQS as their Qualification System (which will evolve into a QUDM). Any buyers requiring help to identify RISQS as they QUDM please contact the Scheme Manager (

They use safety critical goods, works or services (i.e. RICCL codes) as a descriptor of what they procure through it.

The criteria and methodology (RISQS Scheme Rules and Verification, Audit or Assessment requirements for selecting and evaluating Suppliers) is identified as well as a link to levels of membership in RISQS.

In the new portal, buyers will issue a QUDM notice which should include all the information that would be required in a tender notice for the award of a contract, as well as the details of your UDM and how suppliers can apply to join it.

Other Buyers who are not Contracting Authorities or Utilities are able to use RISQS as a Dynamic Market.

We will require each supplier to use the period 19th September – 14th October to answer a series of specific questions to ensure their compliance status within the RISQS scheme.

These questions are mandatory. If you cannot answer them, then you may wish to speak to your accountant or gain further advice.

Stage 5: 28th October

QUDM is now live

The New Qualifying Utilities Dynamic Market is live. Suppliers are required to check their own profile and compliance again. We will now begin collecting data for RM3.