1) Change to the Sentinel Module 

Within question 4.3 Drug and Alcohol Management, we have made the following changes:

Removing b)vi
checking fitness when booking on for duty - signed declarations (TFL Requirement Only).

And including as a)ix (within a process for)
providing confirmation that individuals are fit to work prior to booking on for duty.

It is obviously not relevant whom you work for, as all staff should be fit for duty, especially in a safety-critical environment. 

2) Changes to the Drug and Alcohol Collection Module 

Within question 2.2 Integrity of the Collection Officers:  

Changing from: 

a) v: an annual screening programme of all Collection Officers


b) ii: annual screening for all Collection Officers employed/contracted

Changing to: 

a) v: carrying out a programme of random testing on the Organisation’s Collection Officers, ensuring it meets at least 20% of the total number utilised (the total number shall include contracted Collection Officers used within the last 12 months) 

b) ii: meeting the random screening requirements for the Organisation’s Collection Officers 

It was never meant that Collection Officers should be treated differently to those others in the industry, so this modification should remove that doubt.

3) Changes to the CDM title 

1.3 Design Management and Control 

Changing to: 

1.3 Contractors Management of Designs  

The former seemed to cause confusion that if you:

a) were contracted out design as a contractor, you were no longer responsible for that work,

b) required or made changes to the design, you were not responsible for the communication of that change.

Please be advised that CDM requires that you take responsibility for those activities that you are contracted to deliver, even if you sub-contract them out. It also requires that you communicate with all others involved in the contract.

The following examples are not exhaustive, but they are here to identify particular cases of confusion, therefore it might be appropriate to consider:

  • If I am being paid to provide a service and we subsequently pay another entity to do it, I am still responsible. 
  • If I want to change it, I must communicate it.

If you have any questions regarding the above, or the scheme in general, please contact info@risqs.org.

Best wishes

The RISQS team