Full guidance and support have been provided to suppliers to ensure they do not become un-searchable for services they are supplying without full knowledge and awareness of the expectations. 

Stage 2 relates to the assurance gained on all organisations discharging duties under the CDM regulation. Here is a summary of what the changes mean: 

  • RSSB have released an updated version of the RICCL (April 2022) which showed CDM verifiable codes as auditable and which would become auditable from October 2022.
  • This will allow the small number of suppliers undertaking construction activities, who previously only held verifiable codes and had never been assessed through audit, to become compliant with NR/L2/SCO/302 Module 2. If you wish to challenge the RICCL please email riccl@rssb.co.uk.
  • The new RICCL will be made available in the ‘Resources’ section of the portal. Simply log in, click ‘Resources’ on the left-hand side and you’ll find the link under the help section.

Please note the following actions:

  • Suppliers who have not previously been audited must either remove CDM codes or book in CORE & CDM audit.
  • Previously audited suppliers who have undertaken the CDM module will have the newly auditable codes shown as live.
  • For audited suppliers (with no live CDM audit) any newly changed codes will be placed on account as not qualified and due for assessment at next renewal audit. This will ensure they remain visible for all previously qualified codes. An out of turn will not be generated unless requested by the supplier. 

Rest assured our team will work to ensure this change happens as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. As always if you have any questions, please do contact us.