The RISQS customer services team supported supplier members understand how to comply before October 2022. The following options were provided: 

  1. Suppliers who have not previously been audited were required to either remove CDM codes, or book in a CORE and CDM audit. 
  2. Previously audited suppliers who had undertaken the CDM module will have the newly auditable codes shown as live. 
  3. For audited suppliers (with no live CDM audit) any newly changed codes will be placed on their account as not qualified and due for assessment at next renewal audit. This will ensure they remain visible for all previously qualified codes. An out of turn will not be generated unless requested by the supplier. 

Many suppliers chose to add the CDM module during the audit renewal process or booked out of turn audits and as a result they now show as compliant with the changed codes. 

For those remaining suppliers that did not take up this option, these codes will show as non-compliant on the portal. 

If your organisation requires an audit or out of turn audit to change the codes to compliant, please contact the team to secure your audit date. Audits are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so please book your audit date as soon as possible. 

Following the prescribed changes listed above, some of the RICCL codes now have new activities and this may require reselection of this code if your previous activity type is no longer available. 

Therefore, we request all suppliers to login to the portal at the earliest opportunity and review your selected RICCL codes. 

Please rest assured our team will work with you to ensure these changes happen as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

January 2023