Please inform any individual attending the course from the 27th June 2023 of the following points.  There is no change to the mandatory pre-requisite requirements currently in place.

  • It must be emphasised that the COSS recertification event is not a training course. Individuals are expected to attend the recertification event prepared to sit the knowledge and practical assessments. 
  • During the event there will be opportunities for discussion (based upon the revision described below) along with relevant exercises relating to Non-Technical Skills, Behaviours and Human Factors
  • The ‘Verification Assessment’ has been removed, no one will be sent away from the course prior to sitting the knowledge assessment
  • Please advise any individual attending the COSS recertification event that it is strongly advised that they revise/research the following areas prior to attendance at the event as these are discussed during the event:
  • GERT8000 Rulebook for COSS roles
  • NR/L2/OHS/019 and associated modules
  • NR/L2/CTM/021
  • NR/L2/OHS/501 and associated modules
  • NR/L3/OPS/084
  • NR/L2/OHS/020
  • NR/L2/OHS/00130
  • Walking on or near the line
  • Working with Trolleys
  • Runaway risk
  • Safety Critical Communications
  • Safety Leadership

For any further queries please contact