Summary of the key updates:

  • Updates to the uses of personal data
    More detail about how your personal data is used.
  • Improved layout
    We have restructured the sections to make it easier to read and understand.
  • How we use Artificial intelligence (AI)
    Information on how we use AI at RSSB and how we keep your personal data safe.

Specifically, in relation to AI the updates include that we may process your personal information:

  • ‘To use software and tools containing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business efficiency and analytical purposes. AI may be used to analyse emails / content you have provided to RSSB such as suggesting responses we provide to customers and to help with managing the content internally such as providing a summary of an email. Where used, all responses are viewable by RSSB prior to being issued and personal data is only used in line with the original purposes for which it was provided and / or processed in accordance with this notice.’
  • ‘For some research, we may use AI tools for analysing and processing data. If inputting any personal data (where necessary) in connection with such AI tools we will ensure compliance with data protection legislation. Any data generated by the AI will be anonymised.’
  • ‘Where you have agreed to take part in a meeting, either at our offices or remotely, e.g. using Teams. AI may be used to help with summarising and analysing the tone of meetings.’

For more information we recommend that you review section 3 ‘How do we process your personal information and what is the legal basis?’ of our updated Privacy Notice.

Please contact us via our customer portal if you have any questions.